Monday, September 26, 2011

ETSY!!! Cute as Pie Aprons and Accessiories

I am trying something and praying its a huge success...Check it out would love feedback and support!!

Womens and Childrens

I Am Back

Felt like I was getting a little off course with my thinking and needed to take a break.  Hopefully I will share how life is now and how I am dealing with it and not how it was and why and all that stuff.  God is good and so are most of my days...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blossoming Fruit Tress.

My Goodness our fruit trees, apple and peach, look just amazing right now.  Wish I know how to take better care of them but its a learning process. 

Our Budding Artist

 Me or Kaya?
Kaya or Me.

We are so proud of our little artist she growing up so fast.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Royal Gathering

My Pie and her BFF had a joint birthday party with 10 of their friends.  But this year, and hopefully for many years to come, they did something a little different.  They asked their friends to bring a Medium Stuffed Animal, instead of a gift for themselves, for the kids that attend the Royal Kids Family Camp.  This is a great camp for children of abuse. check it out. 
My hope is that they will learn/realize just how blessed they are, and that they can do something kinda big in a creative way all by themselves.
The party was a blast we decorated flip flops and hollowed eggs ate some pizza and delicious cake and washed it down with pink punch.
 I just love the bunch of girls they hang with...
God Is So Good!

Mommy Struggles

 Such a sweet, sweet really she can be super sweet. 
Couple of experiences with her today:
Pick her up the first time from her Sunday School class and I swear this is the truth; the teacher told me: She was our favorite today...I guess after the teacher gave the story, which she just kinda winged it today so she was a little nervous, M&M stands up and says(Shouts? its kinda relevant with M&M) "that was a great story teacher"
But later after I pick her up the second time while playing with her cousins she whips her coat and hits her cousin??
So I go and talk with her and she is angry that she is being accountable.  She struggles to apologize and when her cousin gives her a kiss she wipes it off.  UGH, that's all I can come up with.
Of course we go though the apologizing again, but come on girl...

 She is usually super excited or super upset.
She mostly is a hoot but when she is bad she is oh so bad.
 Things I love about her:
she is not shy-at all,
nor is she quiet (usually love that trait)
She is just so full of life.  Everything is exciting to her!
She is the best at the Elderly Assisted living Home-she has no problem telling them she loves them, sets on their lap, gives hugs...(but I have also taken her there and she would not give a hug to save her life?)

I can say she is learning but she always seems to be pushing my response on something new.
Like today just before going outside she turns and looks at me and says: I not go in the road.  I say: OK but if you do what will happen? Her reply: I will have to come in and go to bed!
Which is what happened a couple of day ago but it wasn't that simple. 
Guess I will stop, I sound like a spoiled Mom I know.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ever Feel Like A Schmuck?

Ever say/write something you just wish you could suck back in?
Ever say/write something that while trying to be witty or lessen the stress or make someone smile actually was cruel and just wrong?
Ever know you were judged by people who have no fathom for the condition of your heart? 
Ever judge yourself and wonder when your cold cruel heart is going to melt?
Ever been judged by people who in all reality don't give a rats ass about you but it is the politically right thing to do?
Ever judge yourself and know your better than that?
Ever wish you could wiggle your nose and you problem's disappear or those of the ones you truly love?
Ever wish it was easier to erase 15+ years of wrong teaching? 
Ever wish you just finally had it all together?
Ever wish you never had cruel thoughts
  or if you did you kept them to yourself?
Ever wish you would listen to the Holy Spirit saying...I wouldn't write that if I were You....

Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Apron's

This is what I have been busy with lately...
When the World seems to be crashing in on me or the ones I truly love...

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Through our Church and World Vision we are now sponsoring a little girl "Susan"
Please Pray with Us for:
Continued Health for her family.
That we with our American frame of mind will not get bored with her.
That we develop a real relationship with her.
That she and her family know Christ or will come to know him.
That this experience will be life/love changing for our family.

Those are just the immediate ones that come to mind.  As a family we are excited about sharing our love with Susan.
As we learned about many families through World Vision it sure makes our Old Farm House with one tiny bathroom look like a mansion in comparison. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Headband Girl

 My Pie lives to wear head bands.
 It's Her thing!
She made these herself!  She even bought her own pattern for the top one for a dollar at JoAnn's.  Its so fun when we catch the sale for $1. patterns.  Well we are planing on putting up a stand at a craft show in a couple of months and she is very excited to be making these and hoping to make some money too.

Today was a great day...Snow Day for us.  I really enjoy the days where the whole family is home safe and just being lazy.  Growning up I always imagined a family like this and with a lot of hard work and the Grace of God...
Life Is Good!